Our motto is to satisfy our customers and consumers by providing the best quality potato chips that match international standards.

Our chips are made from the finest locally grown potatoes, which are washed, peeled, sliced and fried in the finest vegetable oil to give them their crispy golden colour. The chips then pass through a vibrating seasoning station to ensure that every bit of every chip is well seasoned to give it that Hanawa flavourful taste. 

To make sure our chips stay perfect, we lock in their freshness using a protective foil and nitrogen. This ensures that our chips taste as fresh as the day they were cooked and packed.

The legendary
cheese & onion

Irresistible all the time. The dominant, strong and robust flavour of the cheese and onion on ever chip will appease every taste bud!

Enjoy a burst of flavour in your mouth comes from the characteristic zing of the tomato sauce. The rich, tasty flavour delivers all the time.

The seriously saucy tomato

The classic salt & vinegar

A classic with the salt & vinegar nicely balanced, giving a savoury, salty flavour along with that satisfying crunch that makes this flavour wildly inviting.